RVS Chennai Padmavathy School of Architecture

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The above is an edifying video of Ar. Reeveezee Antony from RVS Chennai Padmavathy School of Architecture, Chennai. presenting the Institution and all the information required by the prospective students concerning the institution’s Vision, Mission, Educational Practices, Curriculum, Culture, Facilities and Goals.

RVS Chennai Padmavathy School of Architecture strives to foster diversity and encourage each other to pursue unpredictable lines of thinking with path-breaking performances and hands-on learning.

Live Projects at RVS is an extensive part of the academic curriculum which is treated with high significance. The students are taken on a month’s visit to  a selected live project sites where they are exposed to the real-life scenario of building spaces- the materials and techniques used, the labor  challenges,  the amount and nature of work involved and other contextual logistics. The students will be given  a complete hands-on experience of taking part in the building process themselves under the guidance and supervision of the professors, experts from and of the context.

The Vertical Studio 2021 was a collaboration with Sushant School of Architecture mainly focusing on design and development of a campus. The sessions also included general understanding of the students works and interaction with them to get an idea of their design attitude and design process. The workshop also included a special session on Historic Architecture and its paths.

Our students were a part of a hands on workshop session with One Makers Group, Singapore founded by William. OMG is the founding secretariat of the Southeast Asia Makerspace Network (SEAMNET). The OMG studio is with the latest digital fabrication tools, electronics kits and machine tools along with conducive workspace

Finishing School is a preapratory vertical in RVS that focuses on strengthing the skills of the students in areas like Language and Personality, Next- Generation Software, Structures & Services through regular interaction with Industry experts and practitioners; in form of workshops, placement assistance and relevant activities.


RVS Chennai Padmavathy School of Architecture strives to foster diversity and encourage each other to pursue unpredictable lines of thinking with path-breaking performances and hands-on learning. The college strives to make a change in the field of architecture and education. The main goal lies in providing research, skill development and on ground studio projects for real time exposure through tertiary programs and unique way of looking at the syllabus. We can generate a broader outlook and exposure for young architects to express their craft ship in myriad ways and not just through building design and execution. The B.Arch course is designed in a way that it enables you to learn the design of spaces with techniques of construction of the same. It also has minimal mathematics, physics and chemistry. B.Arch or Bachelor’s of Architecture is a five year UG programme that that helps the students to learn and train in the theory and design aspects in construction of buildings and design of spaces. It involves drawing out structural plans, design concepts and three dimensional views. Architecture is a all encompassing course and an Architect has demand in many fields across the design platform.


Address: Centre for Design and Innovation: No:490, GNT Road,
Puzhal, Chennai, Tamilnadu – 600066
Contact Number: +91 9566047766 ; +91 9445566099

About Speaker

“Ar. Reeveezee M Antony is currently the Academic Innovator of our institution. He finished his architecture degree from School of Planning and Architecture, Anna University. His experience as an academician in the field of architecture especially with RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture includes innovating the architecture curriculum to inculcate creativity and innovation in learning, conducting experiential workshops with faculty and students to improve exposure and outreach.

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